Minutes of AGM 26.6.2024

Caloundra Women’s Shed Inc.


Bells On Main

Bulcock Street,Caloundra

on Thursday 27th June 2024 at 10.am

OPENING:   Evelyn McCorkell declared the meeting open at 10.09am

She introduced and welcomed the Member for Caloundra – Jason Hunt MP and Members who attended in the room.

PRESENT: Evelyn McCorkell,Jason Hunt MP,Chrissy Carney, Glynis Saunders, Suzanne Rogers, Jan O’Connor, Bre Parfitt, Linda Gilmore, Rose Hanson, Suzy Rogers, Maryanne Newbury and Heather ?

APOLOGIES:  Jan Copper, Rhonda Orbst, Clare Bloomfield, Bev Renton, Angela Bauer, Meg Daniels and Libby Townley, Tacey Varcoe

PRESENTATION OF PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Evelyn McCorkell presented a verbal report. The past 16 months has been a big learning curve, from the initial on Facebook on 13th February 2023 to today 27th June 2024; a big thankyou to people who were totally unknown to me at that stage – to the office bearers, Jill Nicholson and Pattie Wilson, Glynis Saunders who did the setting up of official documents and systems and banking in the first few months and subsequently, Bre Parfitt and Jan O’Connor who have kept things running smoothly till now.

We also had considerable help from a lady in Buderim, Maree McGrath, whose business is website building and management, who built our website and gave continued support while we learn how to use it – at far below usual business costs.

Also, a Go Fund Me page brought in donations of $1500 plus to get us started.

Then – where to meet? After an article in My Weekly Preview, Eliza Pike from the Women’s Therapy Centre in Oval Ave reached out and offered the use of a building behind their business premises for 7 months, totally cost free -thank you is hardly enough.

We then moved premises in January this year, thanks to Phil Smith, who incidentally was looking for someone to run a Book Club (he got more than he bargained for), he had leased Bells on Main from the Strand Cinema complex last November, for the use of Community Organisations, such as ours and we now have the use of the facility 3 mornings and 2 afternoons per week for a monthly donation, more time slots available if we book with him.

We have had a good variety of craft classes over the past 12 months, also some social events and gatherings which we will keep going and not forgetting, a big thanks to Bunnings for allowing us to use their messy room for the past few months at no cost and running “how to do it” classes for us to attend; Alana has been lovely to work with.

The website and its calendar have been running efficiently and the booking function seems to be doing a good job, providing people remember to RSVP.

Lastly, a few more people to thank – through the generosity of a Calpac Rotarian, Mark Paton of Hear 4 Good in Golden Beach, we have a new microwave (for when we get our own premises) and also have donations of a laptop and a printer from members/friends. Their generosity has saved us quite a few dollars.

I mustn’t forget our friendly association with Caloundra Men’s Shed too – we helped with their Christmas Bunnings Raffle and they helped us by making some of our craft items that we needed, it did cost us a cake or two, but cheap at half the price.

Lastly thanks to everyone in our AGM and to Jason for guiding us through the official election of new office bearers; after a very successful meeting we are now ready to move forward into our second year.

Not forgetting our aim this year – to acquire our own premises and to write our own story!

More details to come.

General Discussion

The following members have volunteered to be involved on the Activities Committee for 2024 – 2025.

Elizabeth Credlin – is running the Book Club at Bells.

Lizzie Rowland and I are co-organisers of our card playing group _ The Card Sharps

Maryanne Newbury is organizing the Bunnings classes (liaising with Alana)

Rhonda Obst is organizing Wall Art Classes at Bells.

Sheena McDonald will be organizing Lawn Bowls coaching at Waves Bowls Club and Sunset Walk on Bulcock Beach.

Tracey Varcoe books Trivia at Kings Beach Tavern

Carina Calderone Chair Yoga at the Library

Kerri Nosworthy Crochet Classes at Bells

Evelyn McCorkell – Chit Chat Tuesday, Jazz n Shiraz at Chill, other social events; also painting/creative craft at Bells.

Bre Parfitt accepted Second: Chrissy Carney

A formal report will be presented at the 2024/2025 Annual General Meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer, Glynis Saunders presented a verbal report and the current bank balance as at 27th June, 24 is $3096.28.

ACCEPTANCE OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Glynis Saunders, Treasurer, moved that the Financial Statement for the year ended 27 June 2024 be adopted, and be accepted in the minutes.

Second: Bre    

ELECTION OF PRESIDENT: Jason Hunt MP for Caloundra has been invited by the Management Committee to chair the elections of Officer Bearers.

Evelyn McCorkell declared all positions vacant and Jason Hunt MP took the chair to elect the Caloundra Women’s Shed inaugural President.     

Evelyn McCorkell is declared elected to the position of President.

ELECTION OF OFFICER BEARERS: Jason Hunt MP elected the Committee, presenting the Officers with a name badge.

PRESIDENTEvelyn McCorkellD ReillyKaye FoxwellUnopposed
SECRETARYSuzanne RogersLizzie RowlandEvelyn McCorkellUnopposed
TREASURERTracey VarcoeEvelyn McCorkallJan O’ConnorUnopposed
WELFARE OFFICERChrissy CarneyEvelyn McCorkellTracey VarcoeUnopposed
EVENTS OFFICERRhonda OrbstEvelyn McCorkellJan O’ConnorUnopposed
MEMBERSHIP OFFICERBre ParfittChrissy CarneyEvelyn McCorkellUnopposed

Evelyn is still looking for land to place containers on for a meeting shed. Focus is on keeping the shed running.

A ManagementCommittee meeting will be held at Bells on Main, Bulcock Street,Caloundra on TBA

CLOSURE: There being no further business, the meeting was closed by the President Evelyn McCorkell at 10.37am.

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